December 2007 Meeting

SMPTE Philadelphia Section Meeting Notice

December 11, 2007


Microsoft Mid-Atlantic District Office
Malvern, PA



Web Video Technologies

Video producers and broadcasters continue their relentless march toward digital production and transmission. Likewise, online video compression and transmission technologies continue to evolve.
Several technologies are competing for dominance with producers and viewers alike. Who will win the player wars for the computer, media device and cell phone?

Jan Ozer will provide an overview of the battle between Windows Media, Flash, QuickTime and other technologies. He will show the results of side-by-side testing and give his thoughts about the future of these technologies.

Jan Ozer is the founder of Doceo Publishing, a digital video expert, author, and a frequent contributor to several magazines including Streaming Media, Digital Content Producer, EventDV and PC Magazine.

Meeting Video
Part One
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Part Two
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