December 2010 Meeting

Philadelphia SMPTE Meeting Notice
Guests and Non-members welcome

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Philadelphia, PA

Rich Paleski – CBS-3

Presentation: Special Meeting on Philadelphia TV Nostalgia

Be sure to mark your calendars for a very special Philadelphia SMPTE meeting on December 14, 2010, when the topic will be Philadelphia Television Nostalgia from the late 1940s to 1980, with just a little radio thrown in. While subject to change, here is what is currently planned.

WCAU – Hank Schorle, former Assistant Director of Operations and Engineering, will tell us about lining up image orthicon cameras in the late 1940s, covering early football games, and Action in the Afternoon (a live western). Dave Harvey, Former Director of Operations and Engineering, will describe the station’s early adventures with ENG in 1972. Jane Norman, who starred as Pixanne, will describe how she flew, various production issues, and present video of the famous “Ring of Fire” and bloopers.

KYW – Tom Lamaine, long time Channel 3 personality and weatherman will tell us some TV production stories plus a little about his early radio days at WIP. John Bostwick will speak about WPTZ/WRCV/KYW and show some of his photos.

WHYY – Bill Weber, WHYY Vice President and CTO will discuss the station’s installations at Walnut Street in the former WCAU building in 1954; their move to color in 1964 at 46th & Market Street (the former WFIL & American Bandstand site), and finally to their present location on Independence Mall in 1979, within the former Living History Center. In the late 1990s they totally rebuilt the facility on top of itself.

Slide Shows – Prior to the meeting and during the tour period afterwards, we will run a captioned slide show of some old facilities, including WCAU-TV in the 1960s and WFLN-AM & FM in the 1950s. The photos were taken and recently digitized by Warren Wilson and color corrected by Gordon Laubach.

Special Technology Exhibit – A working model of a very exciting and early pioneering television technology you do not want to miss. Also, we have been promised what might have been the very first “Set-Top-Box”.

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