January 2010 Meeting

SMPTE Philadelphia Section Meeting Notice

January 12, 2010
Comcast Spotlight Operations Management Center
West Chester, PA

Dave Muckel – Comcast Spotlight

Advanced Advertising Products

The old advertising maxim holds that half of all money spent on advertising is wasted, but the problem is knowing which half.

As analog video systems have been converted to digital, the process of inserting localized advertising has become significantly simpler and more flexible. Advanced advertising – delivery of highly targeted advertising to well-defined audience segments – is a growing trend, spurred in large part by the success of personalized advertising delivered to consumers via the Internet.

– Ray Bontempi, Motorola, in his 2008 article for Communications Technology

Comcast Spotlight’s presentation will review the current status of advanced advertising products including addressable advertising, Request for Information (RFI), Ready/Record and Telescoping. Spotlight has been actively testing these technologies and is currently deploying RFI and RR in the Eastern Division.


Dave Muckel, Senior Director of Engineering
Dave Muckel oversees engineering and IS initiatives, new product rollout, and best practices implementation for Spotlight’s Eastern Division. Prior to joining Comcast, Dave spent 17 years with QVC in a variety of engineering roles, most recently as Chief Engineer in the Broadcasting Department, where he was responsible for the design, installation and support of all broadcasting technical systems.
Joe Campagna, Director of Engineering
Joe has worked on various projects driving new technology in the spot advertising industry, including refining spot delivery, new code testing and release, disaster recovery architecture and real-time data replication. Currently, Joe is working on content ingestion, processing, and encoding automation with the rest of the Engineering team.

A tour of Spotlight’s Operations Management Center followed the presentation.

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