June 2012 Meeting

SMPTE Philadelphia Section Meeting Notice
Guests and Non-members welcome

June 12th, 2012

Newtown Theatre  newtowntheatre.com
Newtown, PA


Eric Silverman – General Manager, Newtown Theatre

Presentation 1:
The Newtown Theatre – Its History and Future

The Newtown Theatre, built in 1831, is recognized as the oldest continuously operating movie theater in the country. It began showing movies in 1906. Eric Silverman described the building’s beginnings as a local meeting house and its transition over the years as upgrades were made and new technology was introduced. The theater is also used for plays and community events. The theater has launched a public campaign to fund the replacement of its 64-year-old 35mm projector with a digital projector.

Presentation 2:
4K Digital Cinema Technologies

Sony is unique in the cinema world in that it is the only company that provides all the components involved from the studio where movies are conceived to the cameras and editing technology used to make them and the projection systems used to view them. Chris Simpson discussed the ongoing replacement of film projectors with digital equipment in cinemas large and small.


  • Lou DiCrescenzo, noted collector of old film equipment, had on display Edison’s personal “Kinetoscope”, a hand cranked film viewer.
  • Tours of the theater were given following the presentations.

Eric Silverman – General Manager and Chief Engineer, Newtown Theatre
Eric became involved in theatre while in elementary school, later coming to work at the Newtown Theatre as an apprentice projectionist. He learned his trade with 20 minute reels and carbon arc lamphouses. He has worked throughout the industry in lighting, special effects, and security. An avid historian of the lighting industry, Eric maintains the Klieglbros.com web site.

Christopher Simpson – National Account Manager, Sony Digital Cinema Solutions
Chris joined Sony in 2011 after 12 years with Kodak where he worked in both film and digital businesses. His most recent assignments involved working with both studios and exhibition in entertainment imaging and digital cinema.

Meeting Photo:

(L-R) Lou DiCrescenzo, Eric Silverman, Christopher Simpson

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