May 2012 Meeting

SMPTE Philadelphia Section Meeting Notice


May 8th, 2012

NFL Films
Mount Laurel, NJ


Bob Collom – Operations Manager, NFL Films

Presentation: Imaging Beyond HD

With accelerated advances in the electronics and semiconductor industries, the deployment of HDTV has become common place in developed countries. It has been said that the technical maturity of the installed base of HDTV is similar to that of NTSC/PAL systems in the 80’s.

For this reason, consumer and professional manufacturers are at the initial stages of deployment of imaging, processing and storage technologies with performance characteristics beyond HDTV.

This talk will describe a new 8K imaging sensor and novel processing and storage technologies for the creation of true 4K images for cinematographic and broadcast applications. The talk will conclude with analysis of various workflows for 4K data for motion picture and high-quality TV productions.

Presenter: Hugo Gaggioni
Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Technology
Sony Professional Solutions of America, Sony Electronics, Inc.

Mr. Gaggioni joined Sony in 1988, holds several patents, and has authored 39 technical publications in the areas of video compression, digital filter banks, and HDTV devices and systems.

With research interests ranging from digital video and image processing and information theory to video/audio compression and multidimensional signal processing, Mr. Gaggioni has served as session-chairman of 13 international conferences in the areas of HDTV and bandwidth compression systems. He has also given numerous presentations and tutorial courses on signal processing and advanced video technologies at international events sponsored by SMPTE, IEEE, and Eurasip organizations.

Meeting Photo:

Hugo Gaggioni speaking to SMPTE at NFL Films

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