May 2016 Meeting

Philadelphia SMPTE & SBE Joint Meeting Notice

May 12, 2016

West Chester, PA

Vic Florio – QVC


Presentation: Video Over IP

Video over IP is a hot topic as a way to migrate an SDI infrastructure to IP, gaining the flexibility to transition to 60p or 4K and keeping sync and latency properties associated with SDI. Meanwhile IP use has been growing in production for years already, for control/communication and video streaming. So what are the differences between video over IP and simply streaming video, both technically and in the common choices of applications?

This talk will discuss the emerging use of IP in production from mezzanine compressed 4K to live 360 degree VR, from cost savings to simplifying deployment. A new era of connectivity is around the corner, if we can all manage to communicate cross platforms.

RTP/RTSP Streaming Vs. Video over IP (VoIP)
News Gathering – Proxy, Networking, & Streaming
Live Streaming QoS (Quality of Service Algorithms) with Proxy Assistance (Thumbnails)
Video associated IP Infrastructure, Control, & Applications
VoIP – AIMS & Tico

Michael Bergeron is Panasonic’s Senior Manager for Professional Video Strategy, following extended runs as product engineer and Chief Technologist. He has managed co-development projects with other US-based production technology companies including enhancing compatibly with Panasonic P2 media and AVC-Intra CODECs. Michael holds a BS in Physics, an MS in EE and is a member of the ATSC, HPA, and SMPTE.
Rick Lamb is Panasonic’s Business Development Manager for ProVideo and Visual Systems, Media & Entertainment in the northeast US. He was previously a Systems & Field Engineer at AMPEX, Product Management & Development with Abekas, Philips BTS, & Grass Valley. Rick holds a BS in Marketing and Associates in Electronic/Digital Computer Technology.

Meeting Video

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