October 2009 Meeting

SMPTE Philadelphia Section Meeting Notice

October 13, 2009


CBS-3 (KYW, WPSG) www.cbs3.com
Philadelphia, PA


Rich Paleski – CBS-3

A June 12th Post Mortem – Results of the recent DTV conversion

phillyantennasJune 12th, the analog TV shutoff day, has come and gone but the Great Transition is far from over. Many viewers are frustrated with intermittent or no reception in all major markets, on both VHF and UHF, and even with rooftop antennas.

Dr. Oded Bendov of the TV Transmission Antenna Group, and formerly of Dielectric Communications, discussed the underlying causes of current reception problems and what steps should be taken to improve OTA reception. If all the right steps are taken, the transition will continue for a few more years. Along the way, broadcasters may face surprises, such as interference from new consumer devices and the realization that distributed transmitters may not help in some urban and suburban areas.

Local station engineers Rich Paleski (CBS-3, CW57) and Hank Volpe (ABC-6) reported their own experiences with the transition.

Derek R. Flickinger, a consultant, reflected on lessons he learned while working as a KYW digital TV transition phone bank volunteer on the analog shutoff day. He had the opportunity to interact with the public and gained some insights into what worked well, what could have used improvement, and the main issues that were addressed. He hopes his presentation can be used as a tutorial for similar transitions in the future.

CBS-3’s State-of-the-Art All-HD Facility Tour:
Another chance to see a great facility.


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