February 2010 Meeting

SMPTE Philadelphia Section Meeting Notice
Guests and Non-members welcome

February 16, 2010

Mendel Science Center
Villanova University
Radnor Township, PA

Paul S. Wilson – Digital Media Coordinator, Villanova University

3-D TV: Creation, Transmission, Display

Since the introduction of new sets at the CES show, there’s been a major buzz about 3-D television for the home. Now that manufacturers have developed ways to make television sets capable of displaying 3-D images affordable – and new 3-D video cameras are being introduced – one might think "where did all this technology come from?" Actually, many companies have been working on 3-D television for several decades. One satellite channel in Japan has been broadcasting 3-D television since 2008.

This presentation will cover the basic principles of stereo vision and how people have struggled to create 3-D images, going back hundreds of years, and then bring you up to the present day. The presenter will cover 3-D capturing, editing, and transport; as well as the different display technologies.

Note: Mr. Brown appeared live via Adobe Connect Now.

Russell Brown – Chief Engineer, KMPT-TV, San Francisco

Mr. Brown has worked in broadcast television for the past 33 years, from operator, engineer, to Chief Engineer. He is a writer of tech newsletters and an engineering website creator.

Presently, he authors the online newsletter "Transition to Digital" for Broadcast Engineering’s website. His subjects cover a wide range of topics, from UHF IOT transmitters to RAID systems to IP networks. In addition, several of his articles have been published in Broadcast Engineering’s magazine.

Last year, Mr. Brown started his own web site, www.TheOnlineEngineer.org, dedicated to broadcast engineering-related tutorials. The site features video tutorials he has produced on a number of subjects, with links to his "Transition to Digital" newsletters, along with a variety of training materials from many of the leading broadcast equipment manufactures. He also writes a blog on broadcasting, available at his website.

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