November 2009 Meeting

SMPTE Philadelphia Section Meeting Notice

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


NJN Public Television
Trenton, NJ


Steve Tadzynski – NJN

Sarnoff Visualizer
The Sarnoff Visualizer Test Pattern

Norm Hurst, a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Sarnoff, will be demonstrating and discussing the “Visualizer” Digital Video Test Pattern from Sarnoff Labs. The Visualizer makes it possible to evaluate a multitude of HD signal parameters and distortions using only a display monitor.

The pattern contains targets for observation of such parameters as lip sync, color-matrix mismatch, chroma sub-sampling, bit depth, and many others. A Samsung Hi-Def SP-A800B projector and special screen will be used to display the test signal. They are being provided by Chuck deCourt and Paul Puccio of Puccio Broadcast Consulting, LLC.

Attendees are encouraged to bring small pieces of equipment which could be used to demonstrate the effects of processing on the HD signal. Examples include video encoders with variable bitrate, HD format or frame-rate converters, up/down converters, audio processors, and similar devices. The test setup will be HD-SDI In and HD/SD-SDI Out to the projector.

NJN’s New Digital Facility Tour:
NJN has upgraded its plant for HD and DTV. Tours will be conducted.

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