September 2011 Meeting

SMPTE Philadelphia Section Meeting Notice


October 11, 2011

Philadelphia, PA

Hank Volpe – WPVI-TV

Presentation: New Methods for ENG Transmission

This month we focused on ENG transmission using new digital data solutions and the versatility it can give broadcasters. We discussed the technology, appropriate use cases, and reliability.

Brian Smith (WPVI) talked about the evolution of new ENG technology – such as the BGAN video phone – and it’s exploitation during coverage of the Iraqi war and in Afghanistan. He also discussed non-real-time FTP solutions and then covered broadband solutions and what WPVI’s broadband provider (DeJero) has done for them. He showed some interesting video examples of wireless live shots – including shots from Londonduring the Royal Wedding and Hurricane Irene from the shore – followed by a live FTP demo which pushed an HD video piece over the wireless network and into their server.

broadband vendor, DeJero, spoke briefly about their company and its vision. A Q&A followed.

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