September 2016 Meeting

Philadelphia SMPTE & SBE Joint Meeting Notice

Guests and Non-members welcome

September 21st, 2016

WHYY Technology Center 
Philadelphia, PA

Thad Kirk – Director, Video Engineering, WHYY


Presentation: Is It Real? Virtual Networks Beyond VOIP

What are Software Defined Networks? What is a Virtual Network? How do we build a system? What’s all this talk about SDI ‘Islands’ and live IP?

The industry is moving from serial digital infrastructure to software-driven, packet-based infrastructure and operations, using a new SMPTE Synchronizing and Time Label Standard ST-2059. How do you transition from traditional Black Burst and Tri-Level Synchronizing signal distribution to packet-based distribution? What does it take to realize the functional equivalent of a pulse DA? How do we time a packet-based system? How does core routing and production switching work in a packet-based plant? How is this connected to your office desktop PC? Are you already virtual and don’t know it?

This meeting will not be just another buzzword bingo solution presentation. Fred will explore, explain and present a combination of factual information and practical ways of planning, designing and implementing packet core switching, routing, synchronization and signal distribution for both content creation (production) and distribution (master control) within a technical operations facility.

Presenter: Fred Huffman – Owner/Principal Consultant, Huffman Technical Services

Mr. Huffman began his broadcast industry career in studio and transmitter operations at KLFY-TV (Lafayette, LA) in the early 1960’s. He served as a microwave radio technician in the White House Communications Agency during the Kennedy administration. Following military service, he was a Systems Engineer with the RCA Broadcast Systems Division. Between 2003 and 2006 he worked as a Systems Engineer with Host Broadcasting Organizations of the Athens and Torino Olympics. On the communications network side, he has held various engineering positions at MCI Labs, AT&T and RCA Communications.

Fred is the author of Practical IP and Telecom for Broadcast Engineering and Operations, (Focal Press, 2004), and Terminology and Reference Guide For Media Engineering and Operations, both available on the Kindle.

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